Hello! and welcome to the Moon over Morocco, my little mouthpiece in this virtual world of sound and self-portrayal. The cursor is blinking at me from its white and open screen, smirking. To the bottom of the page, I command you! to unfold my thoughts and visions here on the North African coast.

This blog is an experiment and an attack: my attempt at Writing and informing, as well as a war against the crisis of attention spans growing shorter and shorter. As much for you as for me. While I write with my readers in mind, I’m constantly wondering how careful (and careless) I should be with my reflections. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts, positive or negative.

It’s a new week! It’s a new country. And it’s a new apartment – my roommate and I have shifted Life into a, shall we say, quainter place. This morning, as I was burning some incense to frighten off any and all bad spirits and djinns (جن), singing “In My Life”, a little bird flew in through an open window and landed on the couch. As it made its exit, the force of taking off squeezed out a little present… a tiny white capsule of love and innocence. I do believe in bird-signs, but I’m not sure how to interpret this one. Or maybe just unwilling to.

As we transform this space into something worth living in, decorated and inhabited, so may this blog transform into something worth reading, decorated and inhabited. More to come soon, insha’allah



3 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. Nice, dude! Lift off. “Boooom”

    Continence is a virtue, for the blog audience and for spontaneous couch landings. Keeps things fresh and easy. Post pics too!


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